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Ogden Mortgage Group, Inc has over 32 years of staff experience in the mortgage industry. From the front lines of helping customers obtain mortgage loans to Pre-Underwriting and getting your Loans Closed. Ogden Mortgage Group also has experience in Audit Reviews which ensures the loans meet specific guideline requirements. The industry knowledge encompasses a wide array of loan types and product services to better assist our customers. Ogden Mortgage Group also provides you with the information and tools to work towards your goals of homeownership: It’s never “No”, It’s “When”.  We pride ourselves on open and honest communication in helping our customers obtain the best mortgage loan for their needs. While conducting our business with the highest level of integrity and moral standards, Ogden Mortgage Group provides you with superior customer service.

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Mary Martin
Absolutely the best mortgage broker in the business! Judy will fight tooth and nail for her clients and we were beyond impressed with her knowledge, her thoroughness, and her professionalism. We have already told our daughter and two different friends that if they don’t use Ogden Mortgage Group when buying a house within the next year, we will disown them; that’s how strongly we feel about Ogden Mortgage’s services! We are beyond happy, and know that you will be too.
Richard Desane
Judy is a pleasure to work with and gets it done when no one else can - I have a tricky business to get a loan in and I have a business so any of you who are self-employed knows the challenges of getting a loan let alone an FHA loan, when you're in the gray area business but Miss Judy got her done after two years of other people jerking us around we've moved into our new home. Thanks to Ogden mortgage group. Ty again Judy
Darlyne Perez
Working with Judy was great. She made my first time home buying experience amazing! She always would tell me, I've got your back" and she kept her word. Best person to work alongside with for loan approval. Thank you Judy!
Joseph Speck
Great from the start. Even when I was worried about certain things Judy said it was handled. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a mortgage. Thank you again for everything.
June Burney
Me and my husband would like to say that we had the pleasure of working with Judy ogden on financing our first home together. Judy never gave up on us no matter what obstacles were thrown in her way. She was so professional throughout this whole process. My husband and I had no clue where to start or what to do. Judy helped us through the entire process never giving up always giving us hope ...we owe her so much thanks just doesn't cover it enough. Thank you Judy for believing in us that dreams do come true if you never give up...hope to thank you in person someday...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Arlinda Rexhepi
My overall experience with Ogden Mortgage Group was very pleasant.They are professional,knowledgeable and responsive. Judy went above and beyond, keeping me updated every step of the way and answered every question that I had thoroughly. It was a very smooth process; and you can really tell how caring Judy and the entire team is.
Thomas Schilling
We are very pleased with the Ogden Mortgage Group .. John and his team did excellent job John new everything we needed to have and we had everything done in 7 days Every time we called and needed to know something John had the answers I will recommend this group anywhere I go got to get you more work..
Jason Urbanek
Jon and his team are extremely knowledgeable And responsive. They’re willing to go the extra mile to get you into your new home. As an agent, I look forward to working with Ogden Mortgage to help others achieve their goal of homeownership!
James Filipiak
Jon and his team are very hard working and informative, they helped us get a mortgage that most don't know about and where with us every step of the way. Would definitely recommend to others.
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Ogden Mortgage Group Services/Products That We Offer

Conventional Loan
Conventional Loans are not part of a specific government program. There are 2 Types of Conventional Loans: First One is Conforming Loans and Second One is Non-Conforming Loans.
Commercial Loan
Per our Commercial and Non QM Programs, we can loan in 42 States in the United States. We have a No Loan Limit Maximum, Fund Subdivisions, Rehabs, Refinances/Cash Out, and Much More.
FHA Loans
FHA Loan is a mortgage that's insured by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA allows borrowers to finance homes with down payments as low as 3.5% with Credit Scores between 580-619. Popular with First Time Homebuyers.
HELOC can use the equity of your home to start up investment home inventory. HELOC can offer debt consolidation, home improvements and so much more.
Down Payment Assistance
Are you short on cash to buy a home? Do you have a Low Credit Score? Learn More about our Down Payment Assistance Program to help you qualify.
VA Loan
The VA Loan is Zero Down Payment mortgage option available to Veterans, Service Members, & Select Military Spouses. VA Loans are guaranteed by the U.S> Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
Investor Cash Flow
For the individual that has 1 or more investment properties, and are looking to expand their portfolio or refinance to leverage their buying power, Ogden Mortgage Group offers an Investor Cash Flow Program.
USDA home loan is a Zero Down Payment mortgage for eligible rural homebuyers. USDA loans are issued through a USDA Loan Program, which is by the United States Department of Agricultural.
Entrepreneur Loan
The Bank Statement qualifier loan offers several benefits, namely the ability for the borrower to use bank statements to qualify in place of traditional income documentation.
Manufactured Homes
Our Neighborhood Program
Has a Mortgage Loan been denied? Our Neighborhood Program is Epic! No Income, No Mortgage Insurance, No Employment, No 2 years with Job History.
Construction To Perm
One Time Up Front Closing - 11 month construction Build Period - Interest Rate Float Down Option
Rehab Loans
Rehab Loan aka Renovation Loan - Enables Homebuyers and Homeowners to finance both the Purchase or Refinance along with the Renovation of a home through a single mortgage instead of multiple.
Second Mortgage
Second Mortgage can use the equity in your home for cash using your home as collateral. Revisit past Single Family Rental customers to determine current equity positions. You can use a second mortgage to finance home improvements, Consolidate Debt , and Much More.
Foreign National
If you are not a citizen of the USA, you still may be able to obtain a mortgage to purchase a home. Our Foreign National Loan Program makes buying a home in the USA easier for Non-US citizens.


Food For Thought: Rates

October 1981 saw 30-year mortgage rates hit their historical peak at 18.45%. That same year saw the highest annual average at 16.63%.
In the 1990s, inflation started to calm down a little bit. The average mortgage rate in 1990 was 10.13%, but it slowly fell, finally dipping below 7% to come in at 6.94% in 1998.
Mortgage rates steadily declined from 8.05% in 2000 to the high-5% range in 2003. However,
it wasn’t all milk and honey in this decade. The housing crash happened in part because
property values declined steeply until they hit their lowest point in 2008. This left many
homeowners owing more on their homes than the property was worth. 

Mortgage rates dropped in 2020 to an average of 2.68% due to the Federal Reserve lowering rates in response to COVID-19. Since that time, rates have edged up


Food For Thought: Rent

Analysts expect rent costs to keep increasing while other sectors of the economy start to cool
down as landlords reap a windfall from the lifting of eviction moratoriums that were enacted at
the height of COVID-19 — kicking out old tenants and bringing in new ones at higher rents.

For a glimpse of what could be ahead, just look at December 2021: Rents nationally shot up
14% compared to December 2020 — at a much faster clip than the 4% average seen throughout the rest of 2020, according to Redfin data.

Meanwhile, Americans expect the average cost of rent will rise by some 10% this year,
according to a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Over the past year, in some of the most desirable cities, rent has increased even faster than the national average. Cities such as Austin saw average rent rise by as much as 40%, while the average cost of an apartment rose by up to 35% in places like New York City, Nassau County,
Long Island, Miami, and Newark.

Commercial Program

Food For Thought: Commercial Funding

While Commercial Building and Businesses are booming throughout the United States, Ogden Mortgage Group is keeping up with the industry and rates. Ogden Mortgage Group can fund borrowers all over the United States and meet expectations for borrowers closing process. Ogden Mortgage Group has a few different lenders and many different property types that lenders work with. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions that you may have.

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